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The Swedish Construction Federation (BI) is the trade and employers' association of the private construction companies. Among its more than 2 200 member companies there are about twenty groups with more than one hundred employees and just over 1 400 companies with ten or fewer employees.

Associated with BI are also some specialists associations such as Håltagningsentreprenörerna.

You can reach us at the following adress:


Storgatan 19
Box 5054
SE-102 42 Stockholm
Phone: +46-8-698 58 00
Fax: +46-8-698 59 01

Secretary of the board and contact person

Lars Sandström

Sveriges Byggindustrier
Phone: 08-698 58 73
Fax: 08-698 59 01
Mobil: 0708-20 09 80

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